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Manitoba’s Water Management Strategy

Water is central to the well-being of our natural environment, our economy, and our communities. Manitoba’s provincial Water Management Strategy (including a message from the Premier and Minister of Environment and Climate and news release) aims to address the water needs and interests of all Manitobans, including local and Indigenous governments, communities, stakeholders, and the diverse sectors of the economy.  The strategy sets the stage for future work and decision-making on water for the coming decade and beyond.  The framework includes a vision, mission, guiding principles, and key focus areas with corresponding strategic objectives.

A water strategy action plan is being developed during winter 2022/23 through further engagement with Indigenous Peoples, the public, and stakeholders. The water strategy action plan will be a focused guide to specific actions, initiatives, and investments directed at implementing the Water Management Strategy.

Manitoba is currently seeking input to inform for the first water strategy action plan. To take part in the survey and Ideas Board, visit: https://engagemb.ca/water-strategy. The deadline for participation is March 15, 2023. In addition to participating in the engagement through EngageMB, Manitobans can also submit written submissions to waterstrategy@gov.mb.ca until April 1, 2023.


Background Materials

Water Resources Management in Manitoba (July 2021)
A Made in Manitoba Climate and Green Plan

Public and Stakeholder Input

Report of the Expert Advisory Council to the Minister
EngageMB public engagement - What We Heard Report
EMILI - Manitoba Water Management Strategy Recommendations Report

Water in Environment and Climate

Environment and Climate provides services in a variety of areas aimed at protecting, maintaining, and improving water resources.

We focus on:

  • administering and enforcing The Drinking Water Safety Act including monitoring the construction and operation of licensed public and semi-public water systems; and providing guidance and educational materials to water suppliers, private well owners and the public
  • administering and enforcing The Water Rights Act as it relates to water control works and water use and diversion
  • developing and implementing science-based programs, policies and legislation to support sustainable watershed and aquifer management and planning
  • providing leadership and coordinating input into transboundary water quality and quantity management issues
  • supporting Watershed Districts as established under The Watershed Districts Act and watershed planning as described under The Water Protection Act
  • building capacity to manage Manitoba’s water resources and implementing practices that will maintain, protect, or improve water including water quality, aquatic habitat, drinking water, and climate change adaptation
  • administering The Water Power Act

We encourage you to browse this webpage to learn more about water management in Manitoba.