Environmental Approvals


The purpose of the Environmental Approvals Branch is to:

  • assess development proposals and issue environment approvals to ensure that potential environmental impacts do not adversely impact human health and Manitoba’s environment.
  • develop policies, strategies, standards, guidelines and legislation to protect human health and the environment.
  • deliver provincial programs and services to address and prevent impacts to the environment from pollutants. 

Activity Identification

The Branch objective is accomplished by:

  • Managing the Environment Act assessment and licensing process for new and existing developments, including overseeing the public consultation and registries.
  • Delivering provincial programs and services to address the impacts associated with pollutants, including impacted and contaminated sites, petroleum storage facilities, solid waste facilities, onsite wastewater system installations, and livestock operations. 
  • Administrating and making approval decisions related to issuing permits, registrations and certificates related to solid waste, hazardous waste, pesticides, manure storage, petroleum storage, water/wastewater facilities and operators.
  • Ensuring the issuance of environmental approvals are in compliance with environmental legislation and government policies and managing associated regulatory requirements for compliance.
  • Liaising and coordinating activities with external agencies such as the federal Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency and the Clean Environment Commission.
  • Facilitating the development of consistent and integrated environmental programs and policies.
  • Ensuring an effective and efficient regulatory framework through review, updating and development of environmental legislation.
  • Developing policies, strategies, standards, guidelines and processes that define expectations for development and support improved environmental management practices.
  • Administering The Contaminated Sites Remediation Act and its regulations.
  • Providing technical expertise and support to other branches in the Division.

Expected Results

Processing of Approvals and/or Notices of Alteration under The Environment Act, and The Dangerous Goods Handling and Transportation Act in accordance with legislative requirements.

Ensuring that the environmental assessment process is thorough, and provides environmental protection, while also maintaining business certainty regarding process requirements and timing.

Issuing Pesticide Use Permits in a timely manner, with terms and conditions that will protect the environment and the public from potentially adverse impacts related to improper use of pesticide products.

Responding to public and internal inquiries regarding the implementation of licence and/or permit conditions.

Acting as a one window contact for public enquiries regarding environmental approval requirements in Manitoba.

Reviewing, authorizing and auditing Manure Management Plans to ensure manure spreading is in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Processing annual reporting submissions as required under the Livestock Manure and Mortalities Management Regulation and taking action to achieve compliance.

Efficient and effective delivery of environmental programs.