Clean Energy Strategy

Manitoba is in the unique position of having the resources, experience and wherewithal to become Canada's renewable energy powerhouse. Already a leader in developing one of the cleanest and greenest electricity systems in the world, Manitoba plans to build on those successes and move farther down the path towards fossil fuel freedom.

To help chart that path our government is pleased to release the Manitoba Clean Energy Strategy. This strategy focuses on made-in-Manitoba solutions to harness our water, wind, solar and biomass resources in ways necessary to help provide electricity to power our homes, businesses and industries; energy to heat our buildings; and fuel to drive our vehicles. This strategy is consistent with the principles behind Tomorrow Now – Manitoba's Green Plan, which focuses on protecting the environment while ensuring a prosperous and environmentally conscious economy.

Not only does energy play a critical role in almost every part of our society, but in Manitoba's case, it has become a major cornerstone of our economy. Plans for new hydroelectric generation and transmission require a bold capital program of $20 billion over the next decade. If they are approved after environmental and economic reviews, these projects will create thousands of jobs, provide us with affordable power well into the future and support our neighbours' needs for clean electricity in the shorter term.

We recognize that fossil fuels like oil and natural gas will continue to be an important part of our society, but our goal is to reduce our reliance on these imported, greenhouse gas emitting and unpredictably priced commodities sooner rather than later. While most jurisdictions can only set 30, 40 or 50 year targets to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, Manitoba has a head start in developing our renewable energy resources in a sustainable way that is good for the economy and benefits the environment.

Our strategy focuses on building new generation hydro; expanding transmission that improves electricity reliability and security; adding more wind power as economics allow; promoting geothermal, biomass and solar for heating needs; developing our biobased fuels; and leading in new cutting edge electric transportation solutions.

Our government will do this in a way that benefits all Manitobans and ensures that our energy is affordable and clean, that it contributes to job creation and business expansion and allows opportunities for greater First Nation partnerships. As Canada's leader in energy efficiency, our government will also continue to balance new energy generation with strong demand side management programs, including Canada's first Pay-As-You-Save, on-meter financing program for efficiency retrofits.

This strategy is all about making energy choices today that will create a stronger economy and a cleaner environment for our future. Is fossil fuel freedom achievable? We're closer than you might think.