The management of pests is a concern for all persons in many different aspects of life. Federal legislation defines pests as being a animal, plant or other organisms that is injurious, noxious or troublesome. Pests can impact food supplies, public health, the economy and the environment if not properly managed. Manitoba has a number of unique pest challenges that may require interventions such as using a pesticide or pest control products. Pesticides typically include herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, plant growth regulators, insect growth regulators, algaecides and rodenticides, to name a few. Any product that is used to directly control, destroy, repel or attract a pest may be considered a pesticide under Canadian legislation.

Homeowners are generally restricted to using domestic class products whereas industry often will use commercial and agricultural class product. Manitoba has legislation that oversees many aspects of pesticide use in these respects, including:

  • Restrictions on application of herbicides to lawns, greenspaces areas, schools and playgrounds including homeowners, lawn care professionals, government and municipalities under the Non-Essential Pesticide Use Regulation. Review of this legislation is underway but current legislation remains in effect. Manitoba is reviewing public feedback obtained on cosmetic pesticide legislation. A bill has been introduced with proposed changes to the legislation. Manitoba considered public feedback on the current cosmetic pesticide legislation. Click here to see frequently asked questions and answers regarding the proposed legislation
  • Pesticide Use Permits are typically required for application of pesticides applied to spaces where there is potential exposure to the public. These permits have special requirements for applicants to annually provide public notification of the proposed pesticide program, respect no-spray zone requests where feasible and report all pesticide usage to the Department. Permits issued have special limits, terms and conditions to ensure the safe application of pesticides and minimize the impacts to public health and the environments. All Pesticide Use Permit holders are expected to use integrated pest management practices that may minimize pesticide applications where possible. Sectors typically regulated under Pesticide Use Permits include:
    • any application to open bodies of water,
    • golf courses,
    • municipalities
    • school divisions,
    • government,
    • utility companies,
    • railways,
    • forestry operations,
    • cottage lot associations,
    • parks,
    • campgrounds, and
    • lodges.
  • The Department promotes the safe storage and handling of pesticides including providing recommendations for pesticide storage facilities and recommendations for pesticide disposal and empty container handling guidelines.
  • Bulk material handling facilities including those that handle, store, distribute commercial pesticides are regulated under The Environment Act and requires a full environmental assessment be filed with the Department prior to operation. Environment Act Licences issued under this process have limits, terms and conditions concerning the operation that protect the environment and public health including containment requirements that may exceed industry standards. Complete applications should comply with all information requirements outlined in the Information Bulletin Environment Act Proposals for Bulk Material Handling Facilities.

Manitoba Environment and Climate partners with other agencies regulating pesticides in the province including:

Manitoba Environment and Climate promotes judicious use of pesticides for all users that limits exposure to applicators, the public, and the environment wherever possible.

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