Contaminated Sites Registry

The purpose of the contaminated sites program is to administer The Contaminated Sites Remediation Act (CSRA) and the Contaminated Sites Remediation Regulation (CSRR). The program is administered by Environment Officers within the Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Branch of Environment, Climate and Parkse. Regional Environment Officers conduct site inspections and undertake enforcement activities.

As per the CSRA, the following distinctions are made:

Contaminated: means a site designated as contaminated at a level which poses a threat to human health or safety or to the environment

Impacted: means a site designated as impacted at a level that may pose a threat to human health or safety or to the environment

Sites identified as not designated indicates that information has been submitted to the department for which a file has been created.

This registry may not provide a comprehensive summary of designated sites and/or documentation pertaining to any given site. Additional sites and information are added to the registry as quickly as feasible. A complete Environmental File Search is recommended to confirm all the information Manitoba Environment, Climate and Parkse maintains on a site.