Environmental Compliance and Enforcement

The purpose of the Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Branch is to undertake inspection activities and enforce legislation to ensure regulatory compliance, and to respond to environmental incidents and complaints to protect human health and Manitoba's environment.

Key Results Achieved:

  • Inspected and monitored developments, operations and activities that may impact the environment by the release of pollutants and contamination to ensure compliance with Manitoba's environmental legislation.
  • Enforced environmental legislation by ensuring compliance via: education, negotiation, investigation, warnings, orders, offense notices, and information. The legislation includes The Environment Act, the Dangerous Goods Handling and Transportation Act, The Contamination Sites Remediation Act, and the Ozone Depleting Substances Act and associated regulations. This includes environmental legislation and programs that address the management of contaminated sites, crop residue burning, hazardous waste, livestock manure and mortalities, municipal wastewater, onsite wastewater, petroleum storage and solid waste.
  • Responded to environmental accidents and complaints in a prompt and effective manner to prevent or minimize impacts of pollutants and contaminants to the environment.