Licence Alterations


Alterations to licensed projects or projects undergoing environmental assessment and licensing may be considered as minor (insignificant environmental effects) or major (significant environmental effects). Proponents or licencees are required to notify the Director of the Environmental Approvals Branch when an alteration to a project is contemplated. Information on the alteration is needed so that the Branch can determine whether the alteration involves significant environmental effects. If significant effects are anticipated, the proponent or licencee will be required to file a new proposal, providing the public and the Technical Advisory Committee with an opportunity to review the altered project. If the alteration is not expected to produce significant environmental effects, the alteration can be approved as a minor alteration, with new conditions as appropriate. Alterations for licensed projects may be approved through a letter of approval or a revised licence.

Licence Suspensions

The Environment Act (Section 18) provides that, where extraordinary circumstances warrant, a licence may be suspended or varied for a period not exceeding 14 days. The Act requires that the suspension or variation be recorded in the public registry. The letter authorizing the suspension will be placed in the appropriate public registry file and recent suspensions are summarized on this page.

Locations of Portable Licenced Developments

Some portable facilities require an Environment Act Licence (e.g., portable asphalt plants). The licences require that a new location be approved prior to the facility being moved to that location. The current approved location of these types of facilities are posted on this page.