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There are a wide range of permits, licences and approvals available on this website. This includes a public registry, licensing of outfitters, issuing of wildlife, fishing and hunting permits and water use licensing permits. Our goal is to ensure that developments are regulated in a manner that protects the environment and public health and sustains a high quality of life for present and future Manitobans.

Following are brief descriptions of some of the services that we provide:

The Public Registry

Our public registry system provides ready access to all public registry files for projects undergoing environmental assessment under The Environment Act and projects applying for licensing under The Dangerous Goods Handling and Transportation Act.

Water use licensing permits

The Water Rights Act gives all property owners equal access to water on a first come, first served basis. However, if you use water for municipal or industrial purposes or if you use more than 25,000 litres per day for other purposes, you must first obtain permission from our branch. We have responsibility for allocating, under The Water Rights Act, the use of water resources throughout the province.

Environmental Assessment and Licensing

The environmental assessment and licensing program minimizes the environmental impact of development proposals. This is done through an environmental assessment process that identifies environmental effects and mitigation measures, and a licensing process that provides clear performance requirements for projects at all stages of their life cycle, including construction, operation, maintenance and decommissioning.

The environmental assessment and licensing process controls sources of pollution and other environmental effects resulting from a wide variety of municipal, industrial, commercial, resource use and hazardous waste projects. Projects requiring environmental assessment and licensing under The Environment Act are listed on an inclusion list provided in Manitoba Regulation 164/88, the Classes of Development Regulation. Some projects require licensing under The Dangerous Goods Handling and Transportation Act.

Manure storage facilities and confined livestock areas permits

The permitting process for manure storage facilities and confined livestock areas is in place to ensure regulatory requirements for environmental protection are met. This is achieved through review of permit applications for construction, modification or expansion of manure storage facilities and confined livestock areas. Design guidelines and associated forms are available to assist in the preparation and submission of application packages for our review.

The process includes review of completed application forms, design engineering drawings and associated documents. Permits are issued after verifying that application packages adequately demonstrate required considerations are incorporated into designs to minimize environmental impacts.

Pesticide Use Permit

The Pesticides Regulation enables property owners to be informed of pesticide related activities that occur on places the public normally has access. The permits are issued to a number of sectors including municipalities, golf courses, school divisions, crown corporations, utility companies and industrial vegetation management programs. Special permits are also issued cottage lot associations whereby there may be a high potential for human and bystander exposure. The permitting process is organised to address property owners that may be affected by a pesticide program to ask questions, express concerns and/or file for a spray exclusion zone (buffer zone). Conditions which consider human health and the environment may be imposed through the process.