Environmental File Search eForm

The department has modernized the process of submitting an Environmental File Search Request by going digital!  Starting October 1st, 2020 registrations can be completed and paid for online

This transition allows for the following:

  • Completing the form has never been easier with the inclusion of drop down menus, informative descriptions of fields built right into the form, and a link to a Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Online payment options provide the convenience to pay by credit card online.
  • Multiple intuitive options to accurately enter the property location address including an interactive map with a drag-and-drop pin. 
  • A 100% digital process will mean no chance of paper forms being lost in the mail.
  • The design of the form is intended to reduce the likelihood of errors.  This will reduce or eliminate the time it takes for the program to reach out for clarification and updated information.

The department will continue to accept paper/fillable PDF forms until December 31, 2020. After that, registrations will only be accepted through the e-form (Alternative versions will remain available upon request).  Submissions made through the e-form will be prioritized for processing so that responses can be received faster.

In addition, starting January 1, 2021, cheque payments and payment by phone for Environmental File Searches will no longer be accepted and payment must be made online through the use of the e-form.

If you have any questions regarding the new e-form and/or payment options, please contact ENVFS@gov.mb.ca or 204-945-8321.

***Note:  The government is currently experiencing a temporary issue with emails from outside of government that have attached files that are archived/compressed (Zip files) and encrypted/password protected PDF or Microsoft office files.

The government network may block the delivery of these emails.  Neither receiver nor sender will receive a notification that the email has been blocked.  Therefore, the Environmental Approvals Branch will send a confirmation email within two business days to confirm receipt of emails with attachments. 

If after two business days a confirmation email has not been received, please contact ENVFS@gov.mb.ca or 204-945-8321 to arrange an alternative method of delivery. 

Environmental files searches can now be submitted and paid for online (https://www.gov.mb.ca/sd/permits_licenses_approvals/efs/index.html).  Using this system will avoid any issues related to the blocking of email submissions.