Water Science and Watershed Management

The Water Science and Management Branch consists of 32 scientific and technical personnel, including hydrologists, limnologists, aquatic biologists, hydrogeologists, engineers, and support staff who provide services in the following main areas:

  • managing and protecting the quality and quantity of groundwater and surface water including beach water quality;
  • providing scientific advice to support the sustainable management and use of surface and groundwater, to assure the protection of people, and to minimize damage to property from flooding and drought;
  • providing engineering design services to conservation districts to assist in their water management planning and water infrastructure work;
  • managing transboundary water issues that may have potential to affect the quality or quantity of waters that flow to Manitoba from upstream jurisdictions or are shared with neighboring jurisdictions; and,
  • developing and implementing programs aimed at restoring the health of Lake Winnipeg.
  • The Branch delivers strong, scientifically based programs to ensure Manitoba's water resources and environment are managed and protected in a sound and sustainable manner, including the protection of human health and property.

The Branch provides technical and scientific support to a variety of stakeholders and technical input to and/or review of Environment Act proposals, development plans and subdivision proposals, zoning bylaws, Dangerous Goods Handling and Transportation applications, Mining Exploration Borehole applications, pipeline developments, Drinking Water and Wastewater Plants, and Livestock Site Assessment applications.

The Branch is organized into three sections: the Groundwater Management Section, Surface Water Management Section, and Water Quality Management Section.