Through a team of scientists, biologists, engineers, hydrogeologists, planners, managers, technologists and administrative support personnel, the Water Stewardship and Biodiversity Division develops, administers and implements policies, programs, legislation and regulations to:

  • ensure that the Crown-owned forest land is managed to provide sustainable resource base and quality seedings for existing and future harvest operations and an adequate forest cover for conservation and land resources
  • ensures that wildlife and it's habitat are protected and managed sustainably
  • protect, maintain and, where necessary rehabilitate the quality of Manitoba's ecosystems habitat,
  • manage resources including its allocation in a manner that ensures that viable population stocks are maintained and that allocation for resource harvesting is fair, resolves or minimizes conflict between competing uses, and optimizes the long-term economic and social benefits to Manitobans;
  • ensure the continued safety of drinking water provided to Manitobans;
  • implement regulatory programs to control and manage land drainage and water retention projects while protecting wetlands and downstream properties;
  • sustainability allocates the use of water for various purposes including municipal drinking water, industrial purposes, irrigation, plus others, and for the generation of hydroelectricity;
  • undertakes scientific studies, short and long-term monitoring programs, and various data collection activities to ensure the sound, sustainable and scientifically-based management of Manitoba's water, wildlife, fisheries and forestry resources;
  • develops and implements a system for integrated watershed management planning on watershed basis in Manitoba