Indigenous Relations

The Branch was established to build relationships between the department and Indigenous people of Manitoba. These relationships are necessary to maintain an ever increasing level of program and services to benefit all Manitobans. Through engagement, education and guidance the branch continues to guide the department in a meaningful direction to achieve successful outcomes and work towards reconciliation.

The Branch participates in strategic planning processes, such as development of policies, legislation, and programs to ensure that Indigenous rights are recognized and respected. The Branch is accountable for research, analysis, development, implementation and evaluation of new and existing resource programs. The Branch is also engaged in development of integrated resource policies, legislation relating to land use, co-management, resource allocation, environmental impacts, and sustainable development initiatives. The Branch also facilitates communication and serves as a bridge between the department, the Indigenous and non-Indigenous community.

The Branch continues to play an instrumental role in the Crown’s Indigenous Consultation processes. One of the foremost objectives of consultation is to reconcile the relationship between the Crown and Indigenous people through engagement. The Indigenous Relations Branch also provides advice to other areas of the department on engagement and maintaining dialogue amongst the parties and as a relationship building strategy beyond the obligations of consultation.