Wildlife and Fisheries

The Wildlife and Fisheries Branch protects, manages and enhances wildlife and fisheries resources to conserve biological diversity, including wild species and terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, for the benefit of all Manitobans. These resources annually contribute millions of dollars to the Manitoba economy and create thousands of jobs. Fish and other wild species also provide Manitobans with essential healthy living opportunities including renewable sources of high quality natural foods. Spending time in Manitoba's diversity of natural ecosystems restores our mental and physical health, and offers a lifetime of free natural opportunities for people to learn about the over 40,000 species of wild plants and animals in this province. Our economy and health depends on sustaining robust populations of wild species and healthy ecosystems.

Operating under the authority of legislation including The Wildlife Act, The Fisheries Act (Manitoba), The Endangered Species and Ecosystems Act, and The Water Protection Act. Staff develop assessment and monitoring programs, policies and legislation for fishing, hunting, trapping, conserving biodiversity, species and ecosystems at risk, fish and wildlife habitat, human-wildlife interaction management, and land and water management on Crown and private land. The Branch prepares and reports on programs, budgets, standards and guidelines in coordination with other areas of government including regional staff. Branch staff also represents Manitoba on many provincial, national, and international initiatives.

The Branch initiated work on the following items related to the Minister's mandate letter from the Premier.

  • Develop comprehensive harvest co-management strategies in consultation with First Nations, Métis and licensed hunters and anglers to give local communities a greater voice and ensure long-term sustainability of our wildlife populations.
  • Curtail unsustainable and unsafe hunting practices such as night hunting to keep all Manitobans safe.
  • Implement effective and innovative big game surveys to improve and increase the transparency of population data for managers.
  • Develop and implement a credible strategy to secure certification of Manitoba's commercial fisheries.

More information can be found about wildlife and fisheries activities at: www.manitobafisheries.com