Pesticide Applicator Licence


Who Requires a Licence

Commercial pesticide applicators that apply commercial and/or restricted class pesticides in Manitoba are required to have a pesticide applicator licence.

A commercial applicator is a person that applies pesticides for a fee, charge or other valuable consideration, and includes persons that are paid a wage to apply pesticides.

Farmers are exempt from licensing unless off-farm pesticide application exceeds 500 hectares or if off-farm pesticide application is carried out for more than three individuals each year.

The following licence categories are available for pesticide applicators:

Aerial - pesticide application by aerial equipment

Agricultural ground - pesticide application on agricultural land by ground equipment

Forestry - pesticide application to forest areas.

Greenhouse - pesticide application (excluding the use of restricted fumigants) in and immediately around greenhouses or interior plantscapes.

Industrial - pesticide application on rights-of-way or industrial sites.

Landscape/Golf Course* - pesticide application to trees, lawns, boulevards and golf courses. *At least one person per landscape or golf course company must also have integrated pest management certification.

Mosquito control - pesticide application to control mosquitoes and biting flies.

Rural municipal - pesticide application on rights-of-way and industrial sites. This category also includes use of herbicides on pastures and rangeland, outdoor residential property, commercial property (e.g. cemeteries and municipal golf courses) and for the control of noxious weeds.

Seed treatment - pesticide application to seed.

Stored agricultural products - pesticide application to control insects of stored grain (farms and grain elevators) and stored grain products (flour mills and grain product storage facilities).

Structural - pesticide application in and around commercial or residential dwellings, storage warehouses and other structures.


Record Keeping and Other Requirements

Pesticide applicators are responsible for keeping records of pesticide applications. Application records are to be completed within 24 hours of an application and are to be maintained for a minimum of three years. Application records must contain the following information:

  • Customer's name and mailing address
  • Date and time of application
  • Legal description of area and total area treated
  • Type of crop or property treated
  • Stage of crop growth
  • Pest or other purpose of application or treatment
  • Wind direction and velocity at time of application or treatment
  • Air temperature at time of application or treatment
  • Name, formulation and concentration of pesticide used
  • Total amount of pesticide applied
  • Pest Control Products Act (Canada) registration number (PCP#) of pesticide used
  • Carrier use (water, fuel oil or other) and amount per unit area
  • Adjacent crops
  • Remarks


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