Agriculture Census

This section includes reports, tables and charts highlighting Manitoba data collected by the Census of Agriculture.

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Census of Agriculture 2021

Direct Farm Marketing (PDF)


Technology Adoption and Production of Renewable Energy in Manitoba (PDF)


Adoption of Beneficial Management Practices in Manitoba (PDF)


Sector Highlights (PDF)

Manitoba Profile (PDF)
Statistics Tables
Capital Investment per Farm, 2021 (XLSX)
Farm Machinery Numbers, 2021 (XLSX)
Land Use by Area, 2021 (XLSX)
Size and Number of Farms, 2021 (XLSX)
Farms by Farm Type - Region, 2021 (XLSX)
Percent Crop-Livestock Farms, 2021 (XLSX)
Farms by Operator Type, 2021 (XLSX)
Historical Machinery on Farms, 2021 (XLSX)
Historical Farm Area & Land Use, 2021 (XLSX)
Historical Farm Numbers & Size, 2021 (XLSX)
Historical Farm Area by Tenure, 2021 (XLSX)
2021 maps are under development
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