About 95% of lambs in Manitoba are born between January and June with the majority of these being born in May and June of each year. A few producers are moving at least part of the flock to a fall lambing program as techniques for out of season breeding become more widely known. An Increasing use of highly prolific sheep producing litters of 2-4 lambs such as the Rideau and Outaouais Arcotts requires producers to become familiar with nutritional issues that are of concern with increased prolificacy as well as the management of additional lambs, on occasions when the ewe is unable to rear them.

Information on the Feeding and Nutrition of Lambs.

Lambing is the most important time in the shepherds calendar and preparations should be made early to ensure that adequate help, supplies and knowledge are available to ensure a successful harvest. For detailed information on many of the problems that can occur at lambing see the Lambing FAQ below.