Sheep Farm Management Systems

Financial planning, analysis and market information are key to a successful sheep enterprise. While sheep in Manitoba are raised mainly for the lamb meat market, a farm business plan should be used to determine which segment or type of sheep enterprise best suits you and your resources. Sheep enterprises could be a breeder flock, a sheep/feeder lamb, a sheep/finished lamb or a lamb feedlot operation. Market options include on farm sales or freezer sales, auction sales, and direct to a feedlot or processing plant.

Enterprise profitability, real or projected, is determined from a) Cost of Production (COP’s) data, either from your own records or from provincial Agriculture estimates, and b) from market information suitable to your enterprise. The Manitoba Sheep Industry is currently developing new COPs.

Manitoba Agriculture and Food has a general farm analysis program called Farmplan that can project your business plan several years into the future. Farmplan is a set of coordinated financial statements designed to calculate the Net Worth, Cash Flow, Income Statement and Debt Service Summary based on production and financial management plans for the coming year(s).


Computerized systems

Cost of Production