Your Responsibilities Under EIA

To receive EIA, you must:
  • Complete the Application, Employment History and Personal Action Plan forms.
  • Provide identification and/or documents to show the information on the forms is accurate.
Your application/eligibility for EIA may be affected if:
  • You have recently quit, were fired or refused a job without good reason.
  • You have an outstanding warrant for certain serious offences.
Once you start receiving EIA benefits you must:
  • Complete Annual Review forms once a year to show you are still eligible for EIA. You will receive this form in the mail.
  • Do interviews with staff, from time to time, to show you are still eligible for EIA and to discuss your action plan.
  • Make reasonable efforts to get and use all other financial resources available to you and your family (ex: federal benefits, child or spousal support or pensions).
  • Immediately report all changes in your family, living arrangements, address, income or assets to staff.
  • Meet the terms of your work expectations by following your action plan.
  • Repay all overpayments you may have, even after you leave EIA. An overpayment occurs when you receive more than what you should have received. If you are responsible for the overpayment, EIA may recover it from you through reduced EIA payments, Canada Revenue Agency’s Refund Set-Off Program or a lien against property you own.
  • Repay what EIA pays for the principal of your mortgage, back taxes on property or major house repairs. A lien can be put on your property that allows EIA to collect the repayment when you sell your property or if you refinance your house.

If you are a Persons with Disabilities

These additional responsibilities apply to you:

  • Provide medical information and evidence to support your application for the disability category. EIA staff will give you the forms you need to complete. You may also provide additional information about your condition in your own words.
  • EIA will pay a set fee to your doctor, nurse practitioner or psychologist to complete the EIA Disability Assessment Report, which must go to your EIA staff along with the other documents.
You may not have to complete the forms or give details about your condition if you:
  • receive Canada Pension Plan Disability benefits
  • are currently in the Community Living disABILITY Services
  • previously received EIA benefits as a person with a disability and your medical re-assessment date has not yet passed