Pinawa Provincial Park

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Pinawa Provincial Park was designated in 1974. It is one of a handful of parks that were established that year. The parks were referred to as wayside parks and were developed to provide roadside picnic stops along Manitoba’s highways for a rapidly growing amount of highway traffic. Establishing such rest stops was also intended to encourage travel across Canada. Today, the park functions as a day-use area.

Pinawa is Manitoba’s smallest provincial park, only 0.68 hectares in size. It is located on the east shore of the junction of Provincial Road 211 and the Winnipeg River. The park is roughly 80 kilometres from the city of Winnipeg and eight kilometres west of the town of Pinawa.

Facilities at the park include a picnic area, a boat launch and a non-modern washroom. The boat launch offers the only access point for boaters and anglers to enter the Winnipeg River between the Seven Sisters Generating Station and Lac du Bonnet. Anglers in the park have a chance of catching a variety of fish, including walleye, northern pike, goldeye, yellow perch, bass and lake sturgeon. Lake sturgeon are an endangered species and special fishing regulations protect them for future generations.


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