Child Care Inclusion Support Program

The Child Care Inclusion Support Program funds child care centres, nursery schools, family and group child care homes to reduce or eliminate barriers to allow a child with additional support needs to fully participate in an early learning and child care program.

All children should have equal opportunity to access licensed child care in their community. This includes those who require additional program supports due to a special need.  Inclusion in early learning and child care is the practice of educating and caring for children of all abilities together in the group setting. The goal is to enhance each child’s development within the regular daily program and foster positive social attitudes toward all abilities.

Children with additional support needs have specific goals developed in an Individual Program Plan. These goals are incorporated into the program allowing children to actively and meaningfully participate. A high quality, inclusive program provides opportunities for all children to learn through play with and from their peers. The benefits for all children are:

  • being valued and accepted
  • feeling a sense of belonging
  • making friends
  • building on strengths

For more information about the Inclusion Support Program, please call Child Care Information Services at 204-945-0776 in Winnipeg, 1-888-213-4754 toll free or email Please note, the information in our Guide to the Inclusion Support Program is currently being redeveloped and will be available soon.

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