Welcome to the Manitoba Child Care Search

The Manitoba Child Care Search is a tool used to help connect families looking for early learning and child care services directly with your facility. Using this tool, families can find your facility if the location, hours, availability and other program information you provide on your facility profile matches their needs. Families will contact you directly if they are interested in applying for vacancies within your facility or to plan for future child care needs. 

Please ensure your facility information is up-to-date to help families find an early learning and child care service that best meets their needs.

Refer to your latest weekly access email from the Manitoba Child Care Search to access and update your profile. Contact your child care coordinator if you require help with your facility access or email MBchildcaresearch@gov.mb.ca

As of August 30, 2021, The Online Child Care Registry is no longer in operation.

For more information, visit Manitoba Child Care Search - Frequently Asked Questions for Facilities.

For operational updates and directives, visit: Notices, Circulars and Webinars. 

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