What Are the Benefits of Being a Licensed Home-Based Provider?


  • I can stay home with my own children

  • I can earn an income by providing care to more children than just my own

  • I can provide an important service in my community for Manitoba families by offering high quality, accessible and affordable licensed child care

  • I can provide personalized care in a family-like atmosphere for a small number of children


  • I can participate in professional development workshops and meet other licensed providers through networking opportunities

  • I can receive financial support of up to $400 a year to take post-secondary early childhood education courses. This can be used toward my required 40 hour course for licensing; and if I choose to further my education, toward an ECE II and ECE III classification

  • I can develop my skills and expand my early childhood development knowledge to help in my work as a licensed provider

  • I can become a member of a professional association that offers supports and various training opprtunities


  • I can accept a one-time provincial start up grant, at the time of licensing, of $300 per child care space that helps me with the purchase of age appropriate equipment or furnishings required for the age group of children on my licence.

  • I can apply for an annual operating grant funding from the provincial government. If I receive an operating grant, I must charge families no more than the regulated maximum child care fees. If I choose to forego an operating grant, I can set my own fees.  If I set my own fees, I may enroll subsidized children, but I cannot charge more than the maximum regulated fees for these children

  • I can claim my child care business expenses when I file my income taxes

  • I can participate in a matching RRSP retirement benefit plan

  • I can become a member of a professional association to participate in a health and dental benefit plan

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