Employer Advisor Office


The EAO offers expert advice and guidance to employers in Manitoba on all matters under The Workers Compensation Act, including workers compensation claims, employer assessment issues and administrative penalties.

We can:
  • Help you interpret the meaning of the Act, regulations and policies
  • Answer general questions about WCB claims or employer assessments
  • Advise you of your obligations and rights as an employer in Manitoba’s workers compensation system
  • Explain WCB processes and help guide you through them
  • Discuss options for resolving service delivery complaints with the WCB
  • Talk to you about the appeal process if you disagree with a WCB decision
  • Refer you to organizations and agencies for services that can help you with other issues

Employers contact the EAO on a wide range of questions about their rights, roles and responsibilities in Manitoba’s workers compensation system. Our advisors listen, provide information and advice, and can discuss your options. Click the buttons below to see some of the questions employers ask and call us with your own.

  • When should I report a workplace accident to the WCB?
  • What information will the WCB give me about a claim?
  • The WCB says the worker has recovered and is fit to return to work but the worker’s doctor disagrees. What should I do?
  • What do I need to consider when arranging a modified return-to-work plan?
  • One of my employees just filed a claim and I don’t think the WCB should accept it. What can I do?
  • I’m a new employer. How does the WCB set my rates?
  • What are the timelines for reporting payroll and the penalties for late reporting?
  • If I’m hiring contractors, are they required to have compensation coverage?
  • How did the WCB calculate my premiums?
  • I’m buying a new business. Am I responsible if they have a debt with the WCB?
  • The WCB cited this policy in a decision. How does it apply to my situation?
  • My case manager isn’t listening to me. Who can I contact?
  • I don’t agree with this decision by the WCB. What are my options?

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