Accessibility Plan


  • Implement an Accessibility Plan to promote accessibility in Labour with the goal of removing barriers for persons with disabilities and improving services for all Manitobans
  • Promote accessibility initiatives among management and staff within Labour and act as a resource in response to accessibility requests
  • Share available resources among each of the programs, including meeting spaces, technological resources, and information to improve accessibility
  • Meet at least semi-annually to review and update the Accessibility Plan to identify and reduce actual and potential barriers and enhance access to services
  • Track progress on challenges and report semi-annually to senior management, including number of accessibility requests advanced to the Accessibility Working Group. 


Labour of Finance (“GET”) is committed to creating an inclusive approach to providing services for people of all abilities.  We will seek to identify, remove and prevent barriers to accessibility.  We will treat all people in ways that promote their self-worth, self-respect, dignity and independence. 


Labour of GET will:

  • review all new and existing programs, services and initiatives to reduce potential and actual barriers and improve accessibility,
  • make information available in accessible formats and provide communication supports to people in a way that considers their disability,
  • provide training to staff for responding to requests for accessible services.

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