Inspection and Technical Services Manitoba

Inspection and Technical Services (ITS) delivers technical safety programs to municipalities and industry by enforcing safety standards through permit, engineering reviews, inspection examination, certification and licensing services.


Advance sustainable, safe and accountable communities for Manitobans.


Recognized as a leading technical safety authority.


  • Focus on the needs of our clients;
  • Promote engagement and collaboration;
  • Foster innovation, creative problem solving and achieving excellent through continuous improvement
  • Respect and honour diversity and inclusion;
  • Support capacity building skill development;
  • Professionalism and mutual trust among staff; and
  • Embrace transparency and accountability.

ITS administers and enforces provisions of the following legislation and related regulations:

  • Amusements Act and Elevator Act
  • The Buildings Act
  • Electrician's Licence Act
  • Gas and Oil Burner Act
  • Power Engineers Act
  • Steam and Pressure Plants Act

For more information about these programs and services, please contact us