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The Labour Relations Act establishes the mandate of the Manitoba Labour Board as an independent and autonomous specialist tribunal responsible for the fair and efficient administration and adjudication of responsibilities assigned to it under this Act and sections of any other acts, namely:

Manitoba Labour Board Notice to the Community

This Notice is subject to change from time to time and may be amended to apply to specific circumstances, at the discretion of the Board.


The Board has determined that it will reinstate the statutory declaration requirement on all filings as of January 2, 2024. Parties are required to include a sworn version of Form A Memorandum of General Information Required on all Proceedings with Filings.

A new “fillable.pdf” version of the Form A is available for use. The Board does accept the filing of documents with electronic signatures including Form A.


The Board accepts all correspondence, including applications, appeals, referrals and replies via email on the appropriate forms where necessary. Please include the relevant case number(s) for identification, and "Application" or "Reply" in the subject line of the email.

An auto-reply will be sent back to the sender (once per business day) acknowledging receipt of the correspondence. If you don't receive the auto-reply acknowledgement within a reasonable period of time you may follow up with the Board's receptionist during regular business hours, by calling 204-945-3783 and requesting confirmation of receipt.
Office hours are Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Documents filed after 4:30 p.m. will be recorded as received on the next business day.


The Board will schedule case management conferences with parties for any matter that it has determined requires a hearing via videoconferencing or telephones. The format of the hearing will be discussed at the Case Management Conference. Hearings may be in-person, via videoconference or a hybrid of the two.


The Board has developed guidelines regarding hearings, including specific guidelines for Virtual and Hybrid Hearings. Guideline for Virtual and Hybrid Hearings

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