FASD Training

The fifth goal of Manitoba’s FASD Strategy is Quality- ensuring Manitoba service providers in all sectors are trained and use best practice approaches in their work supporting people impacted by FASD. 

Since 2017, Manitoba has offered a free two-day FASD training course to any Manitobans providing services or care to people impacted by FASD and/or alcohol use in pregnancy. 

This course is designed to help service providers and caregivers develop a better understanding of FASD and alcohol use during pregnancy. Through reflective learning approaches and hands on activities such as case studies, training participants:
  • Gain a basic understanding of FASD, including the diagnostic process and ways that a person diagnosed with FASD may be impacted
  • Explore the context of alcohol use in Manitoba and begin to understand what life might be like for people who use alcohol during pregnancy 
  • Recognize that FASD prevention is everybody’s work, and explore strategies that foster relationships, create safe and welcoming environments, recognize strengths, and promote dignity 
  • Understand and practice successful approaches when supporting people with FASD
  • Learn from an expert: hear a presentation from a person with FASD
Individuals and groups who are interested in attending Manitoba’s two-day FASD training course can email FASDInfo@gov.mb.ca

For information about additional online FASD training resources, please visit canfasd.ca/online-learners/.