Supports and Interventions

Manitoba believes that individuals with FASD and their families can benefit from supports and services that address their unique challenges throughout the lifespan.  As a result, the following FASD specific initiatives include:

Bridges FASD Intermediate School Program
A partnership that supports students with FASD in grades 3 to 6 at David Livingstone School.  The purpose of this program is to identify and utilize best practices in the education of students with FASD in order to maximize the success of the student while minimizing barriers to learning in a classroom setting.

Building Circles of Support
This is an 8 week parenting information series offered by the Manitoba FASD Centre in person and through Tele health video conferencing to parents, caregivers, family members and professionals who support children and youth diagnosed with FASD.  The purpose of the group is to help educate and empower families and other key individuals in the child's life to learn about FASD; learn about the best practices in parenting a child with FASD; connect and network with other families; and link to FASD resources and services in their area. 

FASD Family Support, Education and Counselling 6-14 Program
This program offered by New Directions for Children, Youth and Families works in partnership with parents and professionals to develop programs that are individualized to meet the needs of children and youth with FASD, ages 6-14, living in Winnipeg. The program also provides home-based services and counselling to families: and helps to access family advocacy and other services.

The FASD Family Network
This network is co-sponsored by the Manitoba FASD Centre and the Rehabilitation Centre for Children.  It provides an opportunity for parents and caregivers of children affected by FASD to meet with other parents and caregivers.  Participants are asked to share ideas, develop connections and provide knowledgeable input into developing new services for families. The program also offers recreation opportunities for youth with FASD, such as summer and winter camps. Learn more.

Manitoba Key Worker Program
This program offered through the Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority provides support and personalized information to families of children and youth, ages 0-21, with FASD or confirmed prenatal alcohol exposure. Key Workers assist families in accessing supports, community resources, and health and education information that reflects the specific needs of the family. Key Workers work in collaboration with parents, family members, adoptive parents, caregivers and service providers to assist children and youth with FASD experience less frustration and more success. Key Workers supplement and enhance, but do not replace existing community resources. Learn more.

Visions and Voices
Visions and Voices: This Initiatives for Just Communities program offers presentations led by adults with FASD. Visions and Voices seeks to increase FASD awareness, combat the stigma of FASD and encourage healthy living. Presenters will share personal stories of struggle, hope and achievement, which will vary from speaker to speaker, as FASD can affect numerous brain domains. Presentations are offered in a variety of settings and are intended for anyone caring for or working with an individual with FASD.

For information on more FASD services in Manitoba, see the Resource List (PDF).