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Residential Tenancies Orders System

The Residential Tenancies Orders System is a registry or list of final Orders, issued to both tenants and landlords, by the Residential Tenancies Branch and Commission. It lists Orders, of various types, issued from 1999 onward. These Orders relate to rental housing within the province.

The Residential Tenancies system is available for limited use by individuals and organizations. You must be authorized by the Residential Tenancies Branch, before you can access this information. This access is available by subscription for $250.00 per year. Clients conducting individual searches at the Winnipeg Branch's public access workstation will be charged $6.00 for 30 minutes of search time plus 15¢ per page will be charged for printed pages.  Requests for Orders System searches conducted by staff of the Residential Tenancies Branch offices will cost $6.00 per request plus 15¢ per printed page.

With the Residential Tenancies Orders System you can:

  • Locate a specific Order if you know the Order Number.
  • Search for an Order based on Order Type.  For example, Possession, Repair, Security, Claim, Redirect, Uninhabitable, Utility, Other or All Orders.
  • Search for an Order based on the Landlord Name, Tenant Name, Order Number, or Textual Information like "carpets".

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