Audio and Video Recording Policy at Municipal Board Hearings

Section 15(3) of The Municipal Board Act requires that all hearings of the Board be open to the public, which includes the media.
These hearings may be recorded with equipment such as cameras, telephones, audio or video recorders or other devices, provided there is no disruption to the hearing, interference with the Board’s recording equipment or the hearing panel’s ability to deal with a fair process. Anyone wishing to record the hearing must advise the Recording Secretary prior to the hearing.
In addition, the Board will expect the media, and others who wish to record the hearing, to respect the following guidelines:
  • No set up or removal of equipment will be allowed during the hearing. All set up or removal must take place either prior to the hearing, during a break in the hearing, or after the hearing concludes.
  • No flash photography is permitted during the hearing.
  • Video cameras must remain stationary. Lights (if required) must not interfere with parties making presentations or the hearing panel.
  • Any interview of parties must be conducted outside of the hearing room.
  • Due to the quasi-judicial nature of Board hearings, panel members will not be available for interview.
  • The Board may impose additional restrictions as it deems necessary which may include prohibiting the use of any equipment.
If at any time during the course of the hearing the Board determines, in its sole discretion, that there are breaches of any protocol, the Board may order the immediate powering off and removal of any and all equipment.
All other inquiries, please contact the Board’s Secretary/CAO, Erin Wills at