Assessment Appeals

Case Management Conference

  1. Case Management
    Unless otherwise ordered by the Board in an Appeal Management Interim Order (the "Interim Order"), all appeals must go through Case Management. The purpose of Case Management is to assist parties in resolving, disposing, simplifying or expediting an appeal.

  2. Notice of Case Management Conference
    The date and time of the Case Management Conference and whether it will be held in person, on the telephone or video-conference, will be included in the Interim Order. Please Note: The Board will not issue a separate Notice of Case Management.

  3. Exchange of Documents
    At least 7 days before the Case Management Conference, the parties will file with the Board, and exchange with each other, the following:
    • A summary of the disputed and undisputed issues;
    • A statement of any preliminary issues;
    • A statement of facts or, if possible, an agreed statement of facts;
    • A summary of any points of law;
    • A list of potential witnesses if the appeal goes to hearing;
    • A simplified valuation of the propery including all information to support the valuation;
    • And other matter determined necessary by the Board.

  4. Confidentiality and Without Prejudice
    Case Management Conferences are not open to the public and all discussions and documents prepared for, and used as part of it, are confidential and cannot be disclosed, unless the parties consent, in evidence at any hearing.

  5. Case Management Conference
    One of the Board's Acting Chairs will conduct the Case Management Conference as the Case Manager. The parties will meet with the Case Manager to discuss the issues in the appeal and to review the documents filed by the parties. The Case Manager may undertake measures to aid in the disposition of the appeal including having the parties provide further information and scheduling additional dates for the continuation of the Case Management Conference.

  6. Closing Memorandum
    The Case Manager will prepare a Closing Memorandum at the conclusion of the Case Management Conference which will include:
    • If all issues have been resolved, a statement that the parties are expected to file a Simplified Certificate of Agreement or Notice of Withdrawal with the Board by a specified date; or
    • A statement that an expedited Hearing has been scheduled for all issues or, with the parties' consent, only those issues identified as unresolved. The Closing Memorandum will be given to the panel hearing the appeal. Unless the parties consent, the Case Manager cannot participate in the Hearing.