Assessment Appeals

Filing an Appeal

A person has 21 days, following the date of receipt of the Board of Revision decision, to file an appeal with The Municipal Board.
Supporting Materials
When filing an appeal, the following material must be provided to the Board:
  • Letter of authorization from one of the four classes of persons previously identified, if someone other than one of these persons is filing the appeal (if required)
  • Filing fee
  • Grounds of appeal - example: assessed value is too high
  • A copy of the Board of Revision decision
1 The following fees are payable to The Municipal Board on filing an application or appeal, or on commencing a proceeding:
(b) appeal under subsection 56(2) of The Municipal Assessment Act: a fee of $10. for each $100,000. of the assessed value of the property that is the subject of the appeal, as determined by the board of revision, subject to a minimum fee of $50. and a maximum fee of $500.;
  • Assessed Value of $705,000 - Filing Fee payable - $70
  • Assessed Value of $799,998 - Filing Fee payable - $70