Manitoba's Strategic Advantages: People and the Workforce

Manitoba's Workplace Safety and Health Act

The general objective of The Workplace Safety and Health Act is to protect workers, self-employed persons and others from risks to their safety, health and welfare arising out of, or in connection with, activities in their workplaces. Manitoba’s workplace safety and health legislation is based on the philosophy that responsibility for workplace safety and health is shared in the workplace.

The Workplace Safety and Health Act requires employers to do all that is reasonable and practicable to protect the safety, health and welfare of workers. This includes providing safe equipment, a safe working environment, adequate supervision, information and training. Managers, supervisors and workers have a responsibility to help the employer carry out these responsibilities.

Because employers have the greatest degree of control over the workplace, they also have the greatest degree of legal responsibility for safety and health. However, supervisors and workers have a duty to cooperate in controlling workplace hazards and to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves and others from hazards. Supervisors are responsible for the safety and health of their workers in all areas where they work. Workers are responsible for protecting their safety and health and helping supervisors ensure the safety of their work areas, tools, equipment and machinery.

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