Drinking Water Fact Sheets (Conservation and Climate)

Manitoba has an abundance of good quality drinking water.  However, under certain conditions, micro organisms (such as bacteria) and other elements may be introduced into the water.

In the event of flooding or another source of water contamination, a boil water advisory may be issued. It is important to stay informed and take steps to ensure that your water remains safe for you and your family. In order to assist you, Manitoba Health and the Office of Drinking Water have created the following fact sheets to assist in the testing and disinfecting of well water as well as information what to do if you have been placed under a boil water advisory.

All documents are in Adobe Acrobat pdf format. PDF

Boil Water Advisory Fact Sheets

Well Water Fact Sheets

  1. How to Reduce the Risk of Well Water Contamination
  2. How to Test Well Water For Bacteria
  3. How to Disinfect a Well - Partial Chlorination Method
  4. How to Disinfect a Well - Full Chlorination Method
  5. Understanding Your Well Water Bacteria Results
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