Heavy Metal Soil Studies in Creighton and Flin Flon

June 2010

Manitoba Conservation, in partnership with Saskatchewan Environment, conducted surface soil testing in Flin Flon and Creighton in August 2006 - click here to access the full report. Several elements, including arsenic, cadmium, lead, copper, thallium, selenium, zinc and mercury were found to be above recommended guidelines at a number of sites. A preliminary health risk assessment estimated that the risk to human health is likely low, but that a more comprehensive assessment should be done.

A comprehensive human health risk assessment began in 2007 and was released on June 17, 2010. As a complement to this study, an exposure study measuring arsenic, lead and inorganic mercury in blood and urine of children 15 years and younger was conducted in September and October 2009. The results of this study were also released on June 17, 2010.

The findings from these assessments as well as information from a community health assessment are integrated and summarized in a common document that provides recommendations for consideration. These studies are referred to as the Flin Flon Soils Study.

arrow View the study documents at www.flinflonsoilsstudy.com.


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