Notice to Home-Based Food Businesses

Please be advised that preparing and serving food from a home-based business for public consumption is prohibited. The sole exception to this is non-potentially hazardous foods sold at a farmer’s market, flea market, craft sale or bake sale, in accordance with the Farmers’ Market GuidelinesPDF.

Any facility or location where food is prepared or served to the general public is considered a food handling establishment. This includes restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, butcher shops, delicatessens, catering facilities, take-outs, mobile vending carts, farmers markets and temporary food events at fairs or festivals. The regulations that govern food handling establishments require a commercial kitchen (not a residential home-based kitchen). They also require regular inspections by a public health inspector, an application for a health permit and continued compliance with the Food and Food Handling Establishments Regulation. Simply having a valid Food Handler Training Certificate is not sufficient.

This Manitoba Health Protection Unit website illustrates the importance of food safety and explains reasons why these measures are required. In addition to the health protection information, the Manitoba business portal has information on how to start a business and links to an online tool where you can search for permits required in your municipality or city called BizPal.

The Food and Food Handling Establishments Regulation under The Public Health Act can be found here:

If you have any questions or require further clarification to discuss the requirements for your business please call your local health inspector.

We will be actively seeking these types of home based businesses; it is your responsibility to ensure that you are following the above mentioned laws and requirements to avoid enforcement actions.