Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Fund

In 2020, the Government of Manitoba created a permanent endowment fund with an investment of $20 million with The Winnipeg Foundation, and as of April 1, 2021, the administration of Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Fund (FWEF) was transferred to the Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation (MHHC). The MHHC was established in 1986 as a provincial Crown Corporation to conserve fish and wildlife habitat in the Manitoba, and is now a non-share capital corporation and a not-for-profit charitable organization.

The purpose of the FWEF is to provide grant funding to organizations supporting the enhancement of fish and wildlife habitat and populations. Activities that enhance sustainable use and management of legally harvestable fish and wildlife populations within Manitoba will be considered, including:

  • conserving and enhancing Manitoba’s fish and wildlife populations;
  • studying of fish and wildlife populations;
  • promoting sustainable and ethical hunting and angling practices through education;
  • protecting or improving critical fish and wildlife production habitat; and
  • securing property to provide public access to angling and hunting opportunities or to protect critical fish and wildlife production habitat.

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Previously Supported Manitoba FWEF Projects

For FWEF projects receiving funding support before January 1, 2021