Role and Mandate

Municipal Relations' mission is to help improve the economic, social and environmental well being of Manitoba communities and their citizens. In all its endeavours, the Department is committed to providing quality services to work with Manitobans in their communities. The Department serves individuals, local governments, community organizations and businesses.
The Department establishes a legislative, financial, planning and policy framework that supports democratic, accountable, effective and financially efficient local government, and the sustainable development of our communities. We also provide programs aimed at meeting particular needs for training, on-going advice, technical analysis and funding related to community revitalization and development, infrastructure development, land management, business support and local governance.
With a common interest in promoting the well being of our residents and in promoting Manitoba communities, the Department takes on a leadership role by functioning as an advocate of community needs and a catalyst and co-ordinator of action. We also promote and participate in strategic partnerships with private sector and non-government organizations and intergovernmental alliances.