Planning Policies and Legislation


The Province, through The Planning Act and The City of Winnipeg Charter, sets the legislative framework for land use planning in Manitoba.
The Provincial Planning Regulation sets out the Province's interest in land and resources. This regulation guides local and provincial authorities in preparing land use plans and making sustainable land use and development decisions.
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Role of Local Planning Authorities


In Manitoba, planning districts and municipalities are the local planning authorities responsible for the development of land and resources in their designated planning areas. Using the Provincial Planning Regulation as a framework, these local authorities prepare development plans to chart future land use and development activity for their communities. Local authorities pass zoning by-laws that regulate activities identified in the development plan. These plans also guide and regulate decisions like the subdivision of land, the local provision of infrastructure or other public services.

Citizen's Role

Every citizen has a stake in how land is used to ensure that they live in and that future generations inherit healthy, sustainable communities. The land use planning process provides the opportunity for citizens to get involved in development matters and have their voices heard.