Transportation Operations

Provides oversight for the construction, inspection, preservation, maintenance and operation of Highways and winter roads. Oversees the delivery of the Northern Airport and Marine Operations program and ensures transportation accessibility for northern Manitobans to essential services. Advances the safety and efficiency of Manitoba's motor carrier industry.

Administrative Services
Provides executive management, policy development, financial and administrative support, and direction to the division.

Highway Regional Operations
Delivers the highway capital, maintenance and stewardship programs across the province, ensuring that department standards and principles of sustainable development are met. Provides front-line management and support for on-going stewardship functions, preserving safety, integrity, operational effectiveness, and legislative compliance associated with all highway assets.

  • Manages the engineering, construction, maintenance and operations of the approximately 2,200 kilometer winter road network, including monitoring of contract work to ensure safety and quality of the network. Propose improvements to the network to maintain reliability of the road network for land delivery of essential services.

Northern Airports & Marine Operations
Connects Manitoba's northern communities with airport and ferry services coordinated through a highly skilled workforce who implement regulations and standards.  Protects and invests in Manitoba’s airport and marine infrastructure by adhering to compliance and regulatory programs that enhance safety and promote uniformity with provincial, federal, and international standards.

Motor Carrier
Regulates Manitoba’s motor carriers and short-line railways, provides roadside enforcement, monitors carrier safety and permits oversize and overweight vehicles to enhance road safety, protect surface transportation infrastructure and promote economic development through education and exceptional client services.