2022 Multi-Year Highways Investment Strategy

Strong economic recovery for Manitoba begins with robust, strategic investments in infrastructure in our communities across the province. By supporting key trade corridors and recognizing Manitoba’s potential as a transportation hub and gateway to national and international markets, we are working to rebuild our economy to pre-pandemic levels and realize our economic potential. 

Budget 2022: Recover Together is a historic budget for Manitoba. It introduces, for the first time in our province’s history, a three-year capital plan with key priorities to strengthen, invest in and expand the province’s infrastructure. The Multi-Year Highways Investment Strategy provides details on planned highways capital projects over the three-year period.

A three-year capital strategy offers a preview of planned projects to provide industry the opportunity to plan for upcoming work and inform the public about when and where work will occur. 

Strategic investment in roads, highways, bridges and flood protection planned over the next three years totals over $2.4 billion dollars to strengthen our economy and invest in Manitoba’s future. Delivering on this commitment includes a minimum investment of $1.5 billion in Manitoba’s highway network to support some of our key initiatives including:

    • The Winnipeg One Million Perimeter Freeway Initiative, and
    • The Trade and Commerce Grid Initiative that will ensure Manitoba products reach provincial, national and international markets.

Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure is investing approximately $100 million this year in an access-controlled Perimeter Highway freeway system.  Current focus is on immediate safety improvements as well as major enhancements such as the St. Mary’s Road Interchange Project and the McGillivray Boulevard – Provincial Trunk Highway3 Interchange Project. These improvements will ensure the efficient movement of goods along our key international trade corridors.  At the same time, we will continue investing in key trade and commerce routes across the province.

For more information on planned highways capital projects for 2022 –2025 please refer to the Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure Projects Map.


2022 Multi-Year Highways Investment Strategy (PDF)