Water Management and Structures

Division Mandate

Water Management and Structures ensures safe and effective provincial highway and water control infrastructure and structures, through the delivery of inspection, planning, design, maintenance, rehabilitation and construction activities. Provides water management through operation of the provincial water control system, flood forecasting, and development and implementation of emergency response plans. Responsible for the overall management of infrastructure inventory that includes: bridges, grade separation structures, large culverts, thru-dike culverts, drains, dams, reservoirs, water control structures, diversions and pumping stations.

Water Management

Water Management services include:

  • Inspect, operate and maintain water control works and provincial flood control infrastructure.
  • Conduct studies to develop options for flood management and mitigation, as well as other water management issues.
  • Maintain and manage the provincial agricultural drainage network (provincial waterways).
  • Forecast levels on lakes and rivers, and forecast river flows, during flood conditions.
  • Undertake flood response and provide flood level and flood hazard information.
  • Conduct individual and community flood protection programs.
  • Regulate development to meet flood protection standards within the two designated flood areas.
  • Provide flood hazard, shoreline erosion and riverbank instability information regarding proposed developments, zoning bylaws, development plans and Crown land sales and leases.
  • Conduct dam safety programs (emergency response plans and emergency preparedness plans) for provincially owned dams.
  • Provide information on shoreline and riverbank stability issues. Chair the multi-party Shoreline Erosion Technical Committee.
  • Monitor water levels and stream flows on lakes and rivers, and work with Water Survey of Canada on the National Hydrometric Program.
  • Work with Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development, and with the Manitoba Conservation Forest Fire Program on expansion of provincial weather networks.

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Highway Bridges and Structures

Highway Bridges and Structures services include:

  • Responsible for bridges and structures on the transportation network, including bridges, grade separation structures, large culverts and overhead sign structures. This also includes bridges over the water control network.
  • Responsible for standards and policies for all bridges and structures on transportation network and bridges over the water control network.
  • Represent the provincial government on national and international committees related to bridges and structures on transportation networks

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