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Permits, Notifications & Report Forms

Employers must provide Workplace Safety and Health with certain required information that may affect the safety and health of a person at a workplace, as outlined in The Workplace Safety and Health Act and accompanying regulations.


Notice of Asbestos Work

Any employer in Manitoba who intends to perform work to alter, renovate or demolish a building or structure that contains asbestos-containing material that may release asbestos-containing material into the atmosphere must provide WSH with at least 5 days notification prior to beginning work.

Excavation Permits

Any employer in Manitoba who proposes to make an excavation that is more than 1.5 metres deep, in which a worker is required or permitted to enter must provide notice of excavation to the Workplace Safety and Health Branch (WSH) not more than 48 hours before the day the excavation work is scheduled to begin.


Hearing Conservation Program Biennial Report

Workplaces required to have a hearing conservation program in place must submit an biennial report on the program to Workplace Safety and Health (Part 12, Hearing Conservation and Noise Control, M.R. 217/2006).

Suspended Work Platform Permits

Any employer in Manitoba who proposes to use a suspended work platform at a height in excess of 3 metres above ground, or intends to use a crane to suspend a personnel basket or cage at any height must give notice to the WSH branch at least 8 hours before the platform, personnel basket or cage is suspended.

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