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Stop Work Orders, Penalties & Convictions

Workplace Safety and Health information, including Stop Work Orders, Administrative Penalties and Convictions may be published to inform and educate employers and workers of their legal responsibilities under Manitoba's Workplace Safety and Health Act and regulations.

Stop work orders, administrative penalties, prosecution and convictions are applied as behaviour-changing tools to encourage safe work practices. It is important to note that the issuance of a stop work order does not always mean a contravention has occurred. Stop work orders may be issued preventatively or to preserve the scene of a serious incident. Note: Stop Work orders listed below state the Date Issued and do not reflect the actual compliance status.

For additional information, please see Workplace Safety and Health FAQs for stop work orders, administrative penalties, and prosecutions & convictions.

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To learn more about an employer's recent interactions with Workplace Safety and Health, submit a Request for Release of Employer Information to: or call 204-957-SAFE (7233), toll-free 1-855-957-SAFE (7233).