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Index of Written Reasons for Decision

The Index of Written Reasons for Decision includes indexes of Reasons for Decision and Substantive Orders categorized by topic and employer.  Decisions issued under The Labour Relations Act are also indexed by section of the Act.  The  Index will no longer be updated, with February 2015 being the last update.  The Index includes summaries of board decisions issued prior to April 1, 2014.  Summaries of selected Board decisions can be found in the Board's annual reports.  The full text of decisions issued from January 1, 2007 to the present time are posted here and are searchable. 

  1. Title Page (pdf size 22KB)
  2. Index Table of Contents (pdf size 47 KB)
  3. Topical Index Keywords (pdf size 95 KB)
  4. Index - Labour Relations Act (pdf size 1.9 MB)
  5. Index - Employment Standards Code (pdf size 1 MB)
  6. Index - Workplace Safety & Health Act and Pay Equity Act (pdf size 221 KB)
  7. Employer Index (pdf size 346 KB)
  8. Cross Reference by Section of the LRA (pdf size 277 KB)
  9. Concordance tables (pdf size 13 KB)
  10. Index - Court Appeals Status - LRA, WSH, PEA (pdf size 87 KB)
  11. Index - Court Appeals Status - ESC (pdf size 94 KB)

Updating Instructions (for past subscribers who wish to keep their paper copy of the Index up to date)

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