Variance - Elevator and Lift Devices

Applying for an elevator variance:

Conformance with the Elevator Act and Regulations and all other applicable codes and standards is mandatory. The Variance Program is a process to request permission in advance to build, install, process, or otherwise act in a manner not consistent with the specific requirement of an applicable code, standard or regulation but which provides, in the opinion of ITS, an equivalent or greater level of safety to persons and property.

Variance application is not a corrective action for an inspection order of noncompliance. It has to be submitted before any work related to the Variance Application is started. Any Variance for an already completed work is not accepted.

ITS has the authority to accept Variance application under its Variance Program, review and decide to accept or reject any proposal to address non-compliance to code requirements

A Variance issued by ITS is specific and sets no precedent.

Variance Application is considered only when absolutely necessary for technical reasons.  A valid technical reason, which can be justified, cannot include factors such as price, delivery, preference, convenience, manufacturer, errors in order or other non-adopted standard.

A specific variance request shall provide the following:

  • a description of the project to which the variance will apply;
  • identification of the site/location to which the variance will apply;
  • explanation of what a variance is;
  • clause or section of the code, standard or regulation to which the variance will apply;
  • description of the variance being requested;
  • reason (s)/rational (s) for the variance;
  • the evidence/proof of equal or better safety performance to persons and property

For information on how to apply for an elevator variance, who can apply, and the requirements to submit a variance report, please consult ITS 21-042 - Elevator Variance Program.