Immunization Program Manual for Immunization Providers in Manitoba

Introduction pdf

Publicly Funded Provincial Immunization Program Standards pdf

Provincial Vaccine Eligibility Criteria

AEFI Reporting Requirements in Manitoba

Provincial Informed Consent Guidelines pdf (September 2023) - available online only

Manitoba’s Immunization Program - Infosheet For Pharmacists

Consent Forms

Provincial Immunization Competency Guidelinepdf(updated June 2017)

  • Note: A new and improved 3rd edition of EPIC online, the definitive Canadian Education Program for Immunization Competencies, was launched on January 28, 2019. As part of Pedagogy, the Society's new learning management platform, this completely revised and redesigned course provides the most current, evidence-based information on vaccine-related best practices and delivery to a wide range of health care professionals.

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Provincial Communications Guidelines and Resourcespdf

Provincial Immunization Guidelines for Population and Public Health Staff

Immunization Training Modules

Documentation and Reporting

Inventory Management

Storage and Handling