Information for Job Seekers

After you apply

Following the closing date for a competition (posting):

  1. All applications are screened (reviewed) to see if the applicant meets the required qualifications for the position, which were listed in the job advertisement. 

  2. If you are selected for further assessment you may be required to:

    1. attend one or more interviews with a selection board

    2. provide proof of your credentials (for credentials earned outside of Canada an academic credentials assessment may be required)

    3. undergo additional assessments, such as:  written tests, presentations and simulated work assignments, that the selection board considers necessary to properly evaluate your suitability for the position

    4. provide references

    5. provide a current criminal record check and/or a child abuse registry check for positions where required

  3. If you are a veteran, or the surviving spouse or common-law partner of an individual lost as a result of service in the armed forces, you may be eligible to receive preference in the selection process. See our Veterans’ Preference policy for additional information.

  4. If you are a person with a disability and require accommodation when attending an interview, let us know what you need when we contact you to schedule the interview.

  5. After evaluating all candidates, if the selection board considers you the most suitable applicant for the position you will receive an offer of employment. 

  6. If you are not selected for further assessment you may contact the Human Resource Office of the position you applied to for feedback on your application.