About the Department of Families

The Department of Families is responsible for a wide range of social services and programs. Some of these programs and services are delivered directly by the Department, while others are provided by community-based partner organizations and agencies. The Department's programs, services and operations have been organized as follows:   

  • Administration and Finance Division
  • Child and Family Services Division
  • Community Programs and Corporate Services Division
  • Community Service Delivery Division
  • Manitoba Housing and Renewal Corporation (Manitoba Housing)

The Department is also responsible for the Disability Issues Office.

Administration and Finance Division

The Administration and Finance Division provides centralized financial services, comptrollership, project management and information systems support to the Department. The Division provides financial support and advice to the Department and to external funded agencies. It also leads ALL Aboard: Manitoba’s Poverty Reduction and Social Inclusion Strategy and the provincial Non-Profit Organization Strategy, which is designed to promote stable funding to non-profits and reduce red tape.

In addition, the Division provides support to the Social Services Appeal Board and the Fair Practices Office.

Child and Family Services Division

The Child and Family Services (CFS) Division works with and provides funding to the four CFS Authorities, the CFS agencies, and many community-based agencies to:

  • work with communities to provide early intervention and prevention services for children and families,
  • assist at-risk families, and
  • keep children safe and protected.

The Division also focuses on implementing new initiatives, policy and program development, budgeting, building organizational capacity, setting standards, monitoring, quality assurance, evaluation and training.

Community Programs and Corporate Services Division

The Community Programs and Corporate Services Division directs policy, program and funding support for the following programs:

  • Early Learning and Child Care Program,
  • Children’s disABILITY Services,
  • Family Violence Prevention Program, and
  • Employment and Income Assistance Programs.

In addition, the Division leads community engagement activities on behalf of the Department and provides support to the Office of the Vulnerable Person’s Commissioner.

It also provides a range of centralized corporate services, including: legislation and strategic policy development; strategic initiatives; intergovernmental relations; emergency social services; business continuity planning; workplace safety and health; departmental training; French language services; disability access coordination, and; web services.  

Community Service Delivery Division

Through a province-wide network of community-based service delivery offices, the Division delivers a range of social services to the public, including Children’s disABILITY Services, Community Living disABILITY Services, Residential Care Licensing, Family Conciliation Services, Employment and Income Assistance (EIA), Employability Assistance for People with Disabilities to support adults with disabilities to join the labour market, and some child welfare services.

Community Service Delivery administers income supplement benefits and housing subsidies throughout the province.

In addition, the Division administers the delivery of Health Services benefits for EIA participants, children in care, and participants leaving EIA for employment, as well as the delivery of disability-related and health-related supplies, equipment and diet and nutritional supplements through the Disability and Health Supports Unit.

The Division also provides policy and program support for Community Living disABILITY Services and operates the Manitoba Developmental Centre.

Manitoba Housing Renewal Corporation (Manitoba Housing)

The Manitoba Housing Renewal Corporation (Manitoba Housing) strives to safeguard an adequate supply of safe and affordable housing, particularly for those of low and moderate income or those with specialized needs. Manitoba Housing collaborates with other levels of government, community organizations and private and non-profit partners to create safe and affordable housing.

Manitoba Housing is responsible for the delivery of social and affordable rental housing assistance programs; homeownership programs; developing new social and affordable housing; making grants and loans and providing loan guarantees; managing and developing land held in its land inventory; and entering into inter-governmental agreements. Manitoba Housing also enables the provision of emergency shelter services. 

The Disability Issues Office

The Disability Issues Office (DIO) works to develop disability inclusive legislation, policy and programs across the Government of Manitoba. The DIO supports the implementation of The Accessibility for Manitobans Act, develops resources for training and public awareness and serves as the Secretariat to the Accessibility Advisory Council. The DIO is guided by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in working with community organizations to achieve disability access, inclusion and equality in Manitoba.