STEP Services

STEP Services is the official student employment placement service for the Government of Manitoba.  Eligible students can find full and part-time jobs with government departments, agencies, and Crown corporations throughout the year in various locations across the province.

If you're interested in working for the Province of Manitoba, please take a moment to read the information below. 

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Am I Eligible?

To work for the Province of Manitoba as a student employee, you must meet two requirements:

  1. at least 16 years of age at the time of employment, and
  2. attending school either full-time or part-time during the current academic year and returning in the fall.

Criminal Record/Child Abuse Registry Check

Certain departments such as Justice and Families require a Criminal Record check and Child Abuse Registry check for positions related to juvenile and adult corrections and those which involve contact with vulnerable persons. For more information, please contact your local police service or visit the following link:

How Does STEP Work?

When a government department wants to hire a student, they contact STEP Services and request a list of students to interview.

We search our database of student applications to find those that best match the requirements of the job (work location, specific skills, field of study, etc.).

Next, we contact you directly by phone or email, tell you about the job, and ask if you'd like to attend an interview. If you do, you're provided with a time and location for the interview.

If you're the successful candidate following the interview process, the department will contact you directly and provide further instructions.

What Kind of Work is Available?

Student jobs range from entry-level jobs to career-related positions. Clerical, labour, research, administrative positions are common.

STEP students can also gain experience working in a lab, law court, surveying fields or working at the Legislative building.

Part-time (Fall/Winter) and Full-time (Spring/Summer) work is available throughout Manitoba in both indoor office settings and outdoor work environments. 

How Much Will I Earn?

Hourly wages are determined by the duties and complexity of each position with most jobs falling into one of three wage levels (note: some positions may pay above these rates):

Effective October 1, 2023

Step 1: $15.30

Step 2: $16.32

Step 3: $18.27


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